About Us

We are a team of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade graduates who are passionate about sports and want to revolutionise the way sport is perceived in our country and in the world.

We believe that sport helps people realise their emotions, whether it is by playing, watching or just talking about it. And we want to be that group of people who can help people realise these emotions.

We aim to bring the entire sporting fraternity by giving them the opportunity to book grounds/courts, events and tournaments through The SportsRush

We want people to feel the ‘Rush’, just as we do, and help spread it all around.

Contact us at [email protected]

Utkarsh Bhatla

A complete sports buff who feels that sports is the solution to everything that is wrong with the world. A Manchester United and Roger Federer fan, Utkarsh wants to help people embrace their emotions through sport.

Rajit Pal Singh

Love for sports and management has led to him being a part of The SportsRush. He wishes to take sports to the next level in India and believes that India can become a sporting superpower in the true sense of the word.

Dixit Bhargav
Dixit Bhargav

Engineering and Sports Management graduate by qualification, Dixit Bhargav is an avid follower of cricket who has been covering the game for over four years now. When not watching a cricket match, you will find him watching a Punjabi movie.

Jatin Hasija

An Engineering Graduate, working as technical SEO Analyst, Jatin Hasija follows Sports and E-Sports equally and is always ready for the game at any time of day. A bit shy, he believes underdog mindset helps individual perform better.

Tanish Chachra

Tanish is the Motorsport editor at Sportsrush. Away from us, he loves to eat books, and can doze himself in them for hours. He can scribble on paper all day long yet is stuck in the labyrinth of a keyboard. He wants to have a personality like Kimi Raikkonen but mentally compatible to Lando Norris. Don’t ask him his favourite sporting teams, he has terrible choice in them, and is in a toxic relationship with all.

Amulya Shekhar
Amulya Shekhar

Amulya Shekhar is a sports junkie who thrives on the thrills and frills of live sports action across basketball, football (the American variant works too), parkour, adventure sports. He believes sports connect us to our best selves, and he hopes to help people experience sports more holistically

Archie Blade
Archie Blade loves various sports but none has captured his imagination like wrestling. There is nothing else that gets him as excited as a great match of athletic display between skilled wrestlers and it has been so for over two decades and will undoubtedly be so for many more to come.